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The Sloane & Co range is the epitome of refinement and luxury

From the precision milled hinges, the seamless sculpturing, the hand crafted riveted nose pieces and mitered joints, The Sloane & Co range is the epitome of refinement and luxury

Loving Fashion, Living Eyewear!

Oliver Sloane London. fashionably British!


Give your existing glasses a new lease of life! Are you a glasses wearer who wants an affordable alternative when buying a new pair? Maybe your prescription has changed but you would like to keep your old frames? We see to it.

Tinted lens

Did you know that tinted glasses have more to offer than a pretty sight? Their coloured lenses not only hype your street fashion but also your overall health as they offer a whopping protection against UV radiation. We can fix desired tinted glasses and make the available on demand


Can’t conceive why you don’t have that eye-catchy practice? With our raven and macaw partner at the helm of your marketing, you’ll not only secure that eye-catching practice, you’ll stand out.

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Each distinct and desirable piece showcases a variety of fineries placing it at the very advance-guard of British Fashion.

Drawing inspiration from textile prints and traditional heritage English country colours and fusing them with high fashion.

Affordable independent styling with colliding colours to invigorate the wearer, yet cannot upstage the person behind them! Enjoy.

Entry level eyewear yet professionally designed, to celebrate the London urban street scene. Diverse, fun loving and above all never quiet! Attracting a wide mix of tastes and is a must-have range pulsing with life, although easy to wear.

This collection is both colourful and entertaining and is the ‘purrfect’ addition to your children’s range. We have carefully harnessed the creative genius of Tim Davis and ‘Paws’ inc.

Tinted glasses now available

Safety eyewear comes with seemingly endless combinations of features, each with a specific purpose and benefit. The right lens tint help create the best visibility possible, resulting in increased safety and performance overall. Customize your eye look without compromising visual quality. We supply the best lens tint.

Glazing made easy

Choosing the right frames for your glasses can be a costly and personal process. So, when your lenses need replacing, but the frames are in good condition, you don’t want to start all over. Glazing your glasses is a convenient and cost-effective solution to replace your lenses and maintain your frame.
So, if you’re looking to glaze your lenses, you’re in the right place.

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Loving Fashion, Living Eyewear!